Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Just one cookie!

Who knew that a character from Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster, owes part of his name to the Dutch word for biscuit. As the Dutch etymologist, Nicoline van Sijs, has shown in her wonderful book, Cookies, Coleslaw and Stoops (available in Dutch as Yankees, Cookies en Dollars), Dutch has had a big influence on the vocabulary of American English. Cookie derives from the Dutch koekje meaning 'small cake' and came to America in the seventeenth century when the Dutch occupied New York (then Nieuw Amsterdam) and the surrounding area. It is recorded in an American English text as early as 1703 and has since taken on a range of meanings including the cookies we accept online. Other languages have adopted the word as a result of the influence of American English. In Korean they say 쿠키 (k'uk'i). But remember, when in Holland only take one cookie with your coffee!

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